AARP publishes articles on CBD and sponsors the Rolling Stones Tour

AARP publishes articles on CBD and sponsors the Rolling Stones Tour

Talk about hip!  AARP is the official Rolling Stones Tour sponsor!!  AARP will be at all of the U.S. concerts in 2024. If you are coming to one of the shows, you can visit the AARP experience on the stadium concourse for your free commemorative concert photo and fun interactive activities.


If that wasn’t cool enough….

AARP offers some insight on CBD for our elderly and senior family and friends who might benefit from CBD. By now we all likely know someone who has benefited from and uses CBD to treat chronic pain.  Many people use CBD to treat arthritis or fibromyalgia, back pain, sciatica, neuropathy, or any muscle pain or spasm.  But here are still plenty of questions out there.  AARP has published many articles on the topic and that in itself says something about how common CBD use is.

The reason CBD has been successful in treating so many different issues is, CBD helps the body return to balance. 

This applies to any imbalance.  So, the list of applications is lengthy and all are valid. CBD can treat chronic pain like arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, shingles, muscle pain etc. CBD can also help settle the body back into healing after a fracture, a fall, a procedure, a seizure, a bee sting or any acute issue. 

Sports Medicine and Athlete Recovery are also big areas in which CBD has made an impact. Whether we need to recover from a workout, an injury or a procedure, it’s all healing. CBD is used by some sports but not others, yet! (Molly’s Cream, by Be Rooted Botanicals is used by our local Championship NBA Team for example!) Whether it’s basketball, soccer, football, gymnastics, pickle-ball, tennis, running, hockey or boxing, CBD can be very useful in recovery.  

Since CBD is great for acute and chronic pain, it’s a good herb to understand. A little trial and error might be warranted.  Although CBD is widely considered safe, finding our CBD ‘sweet spot’ is wise. This is a foreign concept in western medicine. It is not that CBD is unsafe, it's that we want to ensure we are not overdoing it, because it is wise not to waste it! Everyone has a different ‘ideal’ dose based on many factors. We are all different and we are treating different things, so a cookie cutter dose does not really apply here. There are guidelines on product labels, and those are a good place to start. Becoming ‘our own best doctor’ in some instances is a good, empowering and responsible thing to do. 

There has been such a huge part of the population that has tried CBD for themselves, loved ones or pets, and the market continues to grow. Below is a collection of links to AARP and some of the articles they have published on the topic of CBD for Health. 

We’ve come a long way!! 

“...Nevertheless, it’s a retail market that’s booming. Sales of CBD products are expected to reach $16 billion by 2025…”

CBD’s obvious popularity is due to its efficacy. High effectiveness is one of the reasons folks turn to CBD for treatment of a wide variety of issues.

Another reason so many people turn to CBD is that it is natural. It is not a pharmaceutical. 

“There are thousands of people a year who have organ damage from some of those conventional drugs, and there’s just not that level of toxicity with CBD.”

Here’s a video on the subject…

“...CBD seems to help people deal with pain, inflammation and even seizures, although even medical researchers and professionals aren't sure why it works, how it works or even how much to use for what ailments….”

Used by itself, CBD does not cause one to get high or test positive for marijuana. 

Over 60 percent of participants in the survey used or had used CBD for their fibromyalgia symptoms. Of those 60 percent, almost two-thirds reported trying CBD because other medications didn’t relieve their pain.

People can treat pain internally with a pill or topically with a cream or oil.  Topical use can be more direct and the results perhaps a bit more obvious. Internal pain killers can cause other issues. Both methods require a level of understanding and investigation. 


Be Rooted Botanicals makes organic CBD products mixed with complimentary herbs to treat pain in luscious creams, oils and topical products. Molly’s Cream, with arnica and other equally awesome herbs, has helped many people manage their pain. If you want to feel like a ROCK STAR well into the golden years, a little self care today can get you there.   Be Well!