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We were introduced to Be Rooted at Cornucopia in Carmel with a sample of Molly's Cream and that started it all. The feel and the smell won us over immediately and we haven't turned back. The Bandits Blend on all my handkerchiefs before they go into my pocket, the Feel it Heal on my face after cosmetic surgery, the Good Night Magnesium for my knees at night (the aroma fills my mind before dropping off to sleep) and the Molly's Cream to start my day. So glad to have found these great products and now with Christmas around the corner...

Mike Cate

I hurt my ankle and knee from a skateboarding fall and Be Rooted Botanicals, Molly's cream 600mg worked instantly on the pain. Now I use it throughout the day when my ankle gets sore and this product gets me along throughout my day! I think if you have had a painful injury with lingering pain like a sprained ankle you should go for the 600mg of Molly's Cream to tackle the pain. Now I recommend it to all my friends! My gf even tried it for her lower back pain during her monthly cycle and it worked right away to get rid of her pain. Amazing product thank you Be Rooted Botanicals!

Tracie R.

I was waiting to have a hip replacement and I use my body extensively as a massage therapist and group exercise instructor. Because my body was compensating so much. I had extensive leg pain and found it difficult to fall asleep. I tried Molly's CBD creme and within 30 seconds, the pain in my legs subsided making it possible for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I used Molly's CBD creme every night until I had my surgery. I recommend it to many of my massage clients. It's pleasant fragrance makes it suitable for daytime use.

Bev S.

Thanks so much for making Mollys Cream! I broke my arm and had to get surgery, and your cream has been absolutely integral to my healing. I don't know where I'd be without it.

Kate JE

Love the Better Bath product. Wonderful experience after a long hike. 


About two years ago, I happened upon this product in a heath food store and the label design caught my eye… I tried it cold without knowing anything ! I loved the Mollys Cream so much ( but I have and use almost all your products ) I’ve turned on dozens of dancers, actors, teachers, nurses, professionals, the old and the young to your products…all with glowing feedback ! I’m placing a new order right now ! Thank you Ladies soooo much !!!

Valdez Flagg

Thank you so much for Molly's Cream! It has really helped me in my recovery from bilateral hip replacement surgery.


I picked up a bottle of the ‘CBD Arnica Cream’ (The old name I think?) a few years ago, to see if it would help my TMJ. I applied it and noticed that it helps a lot! I’d say in 5 minutes, my jaw felt better. It gave me a break from the almost constant lingering pain. Amazing stuff, and plan to get some more.


I have recently had total hip replacement surgery, and while my replaced hip is excellent, all the other muscles in my other leg and hip, have to reestablish their position after accommodating the hurt hip for 3-4 years. Molly's Cream has been an enormous help in lessening the pain while I recover. I can't thank you enough for the relief!


Hi I purchased the magnesium cream for myself and my daughter at a health food store near Muir Woods on a trip to visit her in CA. I live in MN. And I absolutely love the cream. She tells me her partner massages it on her back after she does a circus workout and it feels so good. I use it on my big toe joints and the tendons of my hands. I have fibromyalgia among other things! I just got the Molly cream in the mail yesterday ! I’m packing up my house that I’ve lived in for almost 30 years and my feet are killing me! I massaged the cream all over them last night and had my first night with minimal pain in a month! Thank you! My Next order I want to try the bath salts! I really appreciate what you do and that you are all badass women and that you are doing good deeds for your community. Thank you!


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