Your Arnica Cream literally saved my life! I was gifted a sample at The Sunshine Pescadero. After one application I immediately ordered the large jar. Thank you so much for such a magical product! I was able to get up and move about. The pain was gone, thank you!  N.L.

Even with almost a full endcap of CBD cream, YOURS IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE! I love to share the pain relief with our customers; rock on!!! Deb @ W.W.

You gave me the jar a year ago when I worked at PCGreens in Malibu . They closed last year and now I work at Erewhin in Calabasas in the nutrition department.  I have been using your product a year now and it’s so great! My callus on the bottom of my foot is disappearing. The product has all the wonderful herbs for healing. CC

A friend sent me your CBD Arnica cream! I have used many many topical creams on my bad knee! Nothing worked until your cream!  J.S.

I have been using the Be Rooted Botanicals Arnica Cream and I feel it working the moment I rub it into my skin!  NH 

I found this product in Cocoa Beach market.  The Arnica Cream has saved my life from all the pain I endure daily. I used the bath magnesium tonight in a foot bath and wow - so helpful as I have sciatica right now. I will be ordering more magnesium bath soaks later. Thank you for such great products.  FG

I had surgery on my hip about 8 years ago and was told it was only a matter of time before I had to consider a replacement. My mom sent me a jar of the arnica cream to help with my recent pain and I couldn’t believe how fast it helped me! I was considering steroid injections, but with this product I can manage my pain well and push off more serious medical interventions until absolutely necessary. This product has given me more relief than I would have ever imagine possible. Kate

I encountered your products while at Wildberries Market in Arcata, CA & I absolutely ADORE your CBD Arnica Cream and Bath Soak! They have done wonders for both my achy body during pregnancy as well as for my grandparents joint pains and arthritis. Definitely recommend it to all of my friends and family! Thanks for offering such awesome and useful products. Alissa 

I love your cbd cream. It helps with dry skin and acne and inflammation pain, and I also like that its not oily .  S.T.

The Arnica Cream is wonderful!! Not only does it relieve my foot pain but it smells so good and feels so good!! I love it!!  C.M.

Love the Better Bath product. Wonderful experience after a long hike. B.B.

I have arthritis in my back neck and shoulders. My doctor recommended your cbd cream with arnica. It has done wonders for me. When I rub it on the pain is gone within 10 minutes! I've never been one for pharmaceuticals drugs so this is a wonderful. Thank you so much. G.A.

I applied your Arnica CBD lotion to a blunt force trauma wound on my shin yesterday. It was showing signs of light infection and was dry and itchy. I applied several coats of your lotion and within minutes the itching ceased and I felt no pain at all. I actually am noticing the wound healing faster than normal today and I attribute this healing to your product! Thank you Be Rooted Botanicals!  Jerry

Molly—your CBD creme ROCKS! I have used others in the past without much effect. Yours immediately took the ache out of my injured possibly arthritic super important bass fretting finger! Yay! I’m back to full practice sessions and virtually pain free playing. Thank you!!     Jane

Thank you for creating a great product that really works. I have tried numerous products for my aching shoulder. Within 5 mins. of applying this the throbbing stopped. I couldn’t believe it. I went back for more. I’ve been giving it to friends with various bodily aches and they can’t believe how it stops their pain. Keep up the great work. Don’t change the formula. Patent it if you haven’t already. Love it.  Thank you so much.

Hi Molly!

This store is so happy and has said that they have not had a product move this fast in many years or receive such positive reviews from their customers. Their customers are coming back saying after only 1 application, their pain is gone!  You do great work!!!

One woman bought a jar,  came back next day and bought 3 more.  One for her house, car, boat and RV.

I LOVE THIS STUFF!  I tried on tendonitis in my wrists, and wow, pain gone!  You are very talented. Never change this formula, it works so, so, so well!!  My wrists and my hubbies back can attest! Your excellent formula will help a lot of people! Lisa H.

My daughter-in-law got me a jar of your Arnica Cream, and it is helping my post-shingles itching a lot. Lots better than Lidocaine.

They had a few CBD creams at the store. I asked the shop keeper what was the best reviewed and they mentioned good reports on yours and that an 80 year old doctor had tried a number of creams they sold and then tried your potion and came back and said it was the best. Looks like it is made with much love and care so I bought it too.

Thanks so much.  Love the smell of your cream!  It's helped my arthritic pain a lot!  Still have about 3/4 of my previous shipment but don't want to be without it!  B.C.

I am the Wellness Dept. Manager at Mollie Stone's in Greenbrae, CA and as of two weeks ago I added your wonderful balm to our CBD case.  Within 10 minutes of applying it to my neck and shoulders, my muscles felt like jelly.  I had, and continue to have a restful nights sleep when I apply it again before bedtime. 


I have used every CBD balm and crème in our case, and there's no comparison.  Yours works!! 

Thank you for creating a herbal product with CBD that actually works.  I'm grateful.  E.S., Wellness Dept. Manager

Since becoming familiar with CBD based cremes, I've used more than 8 brands, and YOURS is the creme that works!!  Last night I just used it on a dry ice burn, and overnight the welts are gone.  I feel another great use will be for puffy eyes, as the arnica will reduce swelling.   E.S., Wellness Dept. Manager


I work 10+ hour shifts walking/jogging non-stop as a delivery driver. I also have PCOS and that in itself causes pain in my lower back and lower abdomen. So at the end of the day my legs, back, feet and abdomen are incredibly sore. I stumbled across this miracle cream and use it every night after a hot shower. My pain has gone down considerably, and I can do activities with my children after work! Before using the handmade cream, I would be too sore to move, now I can do what I wish. I'm so grateful I bought it!   M. C-S

I visited Santa Cruz a couple of weeks ago.  Got a sample at Made in Santa Cruz.  The sample I received did an amazing job of alleviating my husband's chronic back pain. I would like to order the cream. Can you ship to Texas?  C.P.

I have had surgery on my ankle. Ever since then the pain is unbearable, even with pain pills. So she told me about your cream and to my surprise, it works wonders. It took the pain right away. So you have a customer now!!  D.R.

I am very happy to have just tried your product! It was Felton Nutrition that encouraged my request for a good CBD product that I could use for Fibromyalgia pain. Being familiar with other products containing Arnica, I was excited to try it! This is an amazing product that I will definitely endorse! The smell is yummy and consistency is very easy to spread to flared up areas. I’m rooted! Thank you!   S.P.

I have never had a boo boo (and this one was a big one) heal so well. my accidental stab wound is healing up with no redness, swelling or itching that usually happens with healing....it's calm and soothed and doing it's work!! thanks!!   A.L. (Feel it Heal)

I love this cream, smells great and works even better. I use it on my neck to reduce stress headaches and have been able to stop taking ibuprofen for persistent aching knees. Also great gifts for converting CBD skeptics!  I really do love it. C.S.

I found the Arnica Creme at a heath store in Castro Valley. I use it all the time for any bruising especially on my 15 month-old baby who is constantly running into stuff :x I have now ordered every product and they are all superb!!!  They are so responsive, fast shipping, best product like this out there far as I can tell!  K.G.

"...I am sold on this product! I realized that I have the most wonderful vivid dreams when I rub Good Night Magnesium on my feet and I sleep so soundly...."  Debbie, manager  Butterfly Herbs, Missoula Montana

I used your CBD with Arnica on my foot. I had planters fasciitis for months. The pain was unbearable and my foot was swollen. I used the CBD with Arnica and within 2 days my foot was healed. No more pain or swelling!  D.B.

We bought for my knee. I fell hard on my knee and Good Night Magnesium CBD cream with lavender just is what I needed. My skin is so soft too and I’m pain free all night long. Will be getting another jar. Thank you. A.K.

"...I can just tell by looking at the ingredients that these formulas are so thoughtful!! ..." Shomon nutrition consultant at Clark's Nutrition, Rancho Mirage

 My baby just turned 1. He has very sensitive skin and prone to rashes, especially in the creases of skin. I’ve been trying EVERYTHING to get the rashes in elbow and knee creases under control. The combination of creams I was using was helping to where it wasn’t getting worse but still was not getting better. Today is day two of using this ointment. His rashes are no longer itching him and they are almost completely gone! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much for making such an amazing product. I will definitely be recommending:) A.G.

I burned my finger and a week later had an angry red welt and persistent pain. A friend gave me a sample of your arnica cream and after I applied it the pain faded right away. Within 12 hours the infection disappeared, and the wound shrank. This was a miracle result!! I am so grateful to not be in pain and be able to watch the healing take place. Thank you so much!! L.S.

I first found your CBD Arnica Roll on at the market in Ft. Bragg. It worked so well I went online once we got back home to see if I could order some more. While on your site I saw the CBD Feel It Heal. My husband has been fighting painfully chapped and broken skin for months with no realign so I brought that for him and it’s worked great! His hands are healing and he’s not in pain anymore! Thank you for making such great products, I just placed and order for more! V.C.