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Transdermal magnesium is here to help!

A woman uses a Be Rooted Botanicals transdermal magnesium cream.

Mighty Magnesium is the mineral to beat when it comes to the number of reasons to take it! Naturally we should be getting it from our food, the ground, the sea but most of us are too busy to really fully benefit those natural places. Supplementing it is common and easy. Some may soak in Epsom salts, but there are even better ways to get a good daily dose.

Magnesium directs over 300 functions in the body! That’s a LOT! Most of us are deficient, in part, because our soils are not as rich in minerals as they used to be. We just are not getting enough in our diet. When we consider which functions magnesium masters over, it’s no wonder we see the familiar symptoms of magnesium deficiency all around us. The list includes muscle tension (the best-known reason to take magnesium), high blood pressure, hypertension, insomnia, constipation, anxiety, depression and the list goes on. There are so many reasons to take magnesium you might say it’s the granddaddy of minerals! There are many forms of magnesium with varying benefits. It’s worth doing some research on the many forms and the pros and cons associated. My tummy friendly choice is magnesium citrate or magnesium glycinate internally. An important albeit strange way to ensure you’re getting the right amount is to monitor your bowel tolerance to it. Yes, if you find you have loose bowels, just take a little bit less next time!

A popular, safe and natural way to get magnesium is topically. Also known as transdermal absorption, absorption through the skin is said to be superior to internal supplementation. Why? First, because our skin soaks it up like a sponge. Second, because many of us suffer from stomach issues when we take magnesium supplements. Many of us have compromised digestion and it’s worth noting that stress manifests in the stomach. Since magnesium helps us manage stress, those folks with stress presenting in the tummy really need to take it! Therefore, a stressed person who wants to add magnesium to help manage their tension might have a difficult time ahead. That's why transdermal magnesium is so efficient.

A woman with a scoop of magnesium chloride.

When I think of the young people today who are stressed from the daily high-speed social pressure, scrolling, and dopamine, I wish they were all taking magnesium every day. I also think of all the young girls, and boys too, who I know with stress and stomach issues and I wish they were all using magnesium topically. Soaking in magnesium chloride flakes (or using a cream) from the sea is amazing. With the added benefits of no risk of stomach upset, it's a no brainer to introduce this to your children's routines. Show a young person how and when to soak in magnesium chloride flakes before bedtime and you have taught them about:

  • Self love

  •  Self-soothing

  •  Preparing for a good nights sleep

  •  Proactive steps to manage health and stress

It is worth mentioning that the long string of issues caused by a lack of magnesium are foundational. They are also closely connected to each other.

For example, let’s look at restless leg syndrome. If a person has restless legs at night, they likely are not sleeping, they are therefore likely stressed due to lack of proper rest. Also, if someone is stressed by circumstances, they are likely not sleeping and feeling muscle tension. This is an example of how sometimes symptoms and causes can get intertwined. We can assume however, that in this instance, magnesium can help all of these issues! The same can be said about heart health, blood pressure and anxiety for example. These symptoms of magnesium deficiency are closely tied to each other and can present multiple ways in the body – but all pointing to the same issue.

Be Rooted Botanicals magnesium products.

Magnesium helps the body relax, rest, exhale, calm, and recover. When we are unable to fully complete these essential tasks, stress builds to get our attention! The body is designed with warning signals included and it’s great to learn how to spot them and give the body what it needs. In our high speed, high stress, plugged in life of stress, having magnesium as your ally is a game changer. So many of us are ‘white knuckling’ it through our daily lives if not all the time, then much of the time. Magnesium is here to help!

Magnesium can help you get the deep rest your body and mind need so muscle and mental tension is kept at bay so YOU can be YOU! Be Rooted carries a line of topical magnesium products to choose from according to your needs. Shop here!

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