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Molly's Cream
"The best topical
CBD arnica cream!"

Formulated with botanicals to help with joint pain, nerve pain, arthritis, and muscle recovery.


Molly’s Cream, formerly CBD Arnica Cream, is our original, trusted and most popular product.
Often referred to as a ‘miracle’, organic CBD, arnica, st john's wort, blue tansy, rosemary, helichrysum and other pain-relieving plant extracts make this CBD product remarkably effective.


Try it for pain, inflammation, trauma, arthritis, neuropathy, sore muscles, sciatica, headaches and cramps. Also supports healing when used both before surgery and after surgery. This handcrafted, whipped, cream works, and people notice.


Available in 2 oz and 4 oz jars.

Why do people love Molly's Cream?

  • Full Spectrum CBD 

  • Whipped feel, light botanical scent – no cannabis scent or menthol

  • Arnica for speedy recovery after any trauma, injury, or surgery

  • St. John's Wort is beneficial for nerve pain, nerve damage and neuropathy

  • Helichrysum for powerful cellular healing

  • Rosemary for promoting circulation to accelerate healing

  • Blue Tansy is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, great for gout, and aids sleep

  • Juniper is antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent and the scent is divine!


Coconut oil, water, beeswax, hemp oil, arnica extract, cannabidiol (CBD), vitamin E oil,

st john's wort extract, calendula extract, lecithin, and essential oils of juniper berry, lavender, rosemary, blue tansy, and helichrysum.

2 oz jar contains at least 300 mg of cannabidiol (CBD).

4 oz jar contains at least 600 mg of cannabidiol (CBD).

Directions for use

Rub into affected area. Re-apply as needed. In case of acute trauma (such as bruise, surgery, or injury) apply frequently. Safe for chronic pain. Like we always say, it works better when you use it!

What customers are saying

"Your Arnica Cream [Molly's Cream] literally saved my life! I was gifted a sample at The Sunshine Pescadero. After one application I immediately ordered the large jar. Thank you so much for such a magical product! I was able to get up and move about. The pain was gone, thank you!"  N.L.

"Even with almost a full endcap of CBD cream, YOURS IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE! I love to share the pain relief with our customers; rock on!!!" Deb @ W.W.

"I have been using your product a year now and it’s so great! My callus on the bottom of my foot is disappearing. The product has all the wonderful herbs for healing." CC

"A friend sent me your CBD Arnica cream [Molly's Cream]! I have used many, many topical creams on my bad knee! Nothing worked until your cream!"  J.S.

"I had surgery on my hip about 8 years ago and was told it was only a matter of time before I had to consider a replacement. My mom sent me a jar of the arnica cream [Molly's Cream] to help with my recent pain and I couldn’t believe how fast it helped me! I was considering steroid injections, but with this product I can manage my pain well and push off more serious medical interventions until absolutely necessary. This product has given me more relief than I would have ever imagined possible." Kate

"I have arthritis in my back, neck, and shoulders. My doctor recommended your cbd cream with arnica. It has done wonders for me. When I rub it on the pain is gone within 10 minutes! I've never been one for pharmaceuticals drugs so this is a wonderful product. Thank you so much." G.A.

"Molly's Cream has been a favorite of ours for years now. Amazing pain relief and healing, we have recommended it to friends many times and everyone who tries it loves it. We have used several items in their product line and have been happy with all of them. Molly's Cream really is the best! It has helped us so much." K & T

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