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Fire & Ice
The original muscle rub liniment with CBD, arnica, and magnesium.

Fast acting relief and recovery for
acute pain and injuries.

Fire & Ice combines 1000 mg CBD with arnica, magnesium and the powerful extracts of cayenne, camphor and menthol for a hot and cold tingle to alleviate tension while you recover.

Ideal for people with an active lifestyle, whether it be martial arts or rock climbing, this liniment will provide relief.

A new solution for sports recovery

  • Extracts of cayenne and ginger to warm and increase circulation 

  • Essential oils of camphor and menthol provide a natural cooling tingle

  • 1000 mg of CBD to ease tension and melt away pain 

  • Magnesium chloride from the sea supports muscle recovery

  • Arnica for an extra boost of pain relief and healing


distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, magnesium chloride, cannabidiol (CBD), menthol, camphor, cayenne, arnica and ginger. 

Directions for use

Shake well so all liquids combine and roll-on to affected area. Re-apply as needed. Avoid contact with sensitive areas.

What customers are saying

"I've been rolling Fire & Ice all over people at the dojo. It's comical. Folks line up with their injuries after class. 5 mins later you hear all this "Oooh" "Aaaahhh". -K

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