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Be Rooted Botanicals
loves our planet,

its people, and its plants! 

Be Rooted Botanicals is a women owned and operated business in the Santa Cruz mountains in California.  We pride ourselves on creating effective, organic, herbal formulas.  We are a tiny company of five badass women, and we make our products by hand in small batches.

Be Rooted Botanicals five woman team
Recycled packaging

Our products help people feel better.  Each plant in our formulas has been chosen for its specific healing properties, and our products work!  We love getting testimonials from customers. It’s why we love what we do!  

Be Rooted Botanicals donates to non profit humanitarian organizations. We give monthly to the Homeless Garden Project, and Nourishing Generations.  We also donate to fundraisers for local schools and Valley Churches United. 

Calendula drying
Planet Earth 

We use only natural, food-grade ingredients, and our botanical extracts are all organically grown.  We do not use any chemicals in our products, a choice that benefits both the earth and people.  We source our ingredients from high vibe companies that also make good choices for people and planet.

Our company puts an emphasis on reducing waste in any way we can. We know it's only a small gesture, but we want to make a difference. That's why you'll find your orders packed with recycled materials that we've foraged. Our scraps from our meals also go to our chickens! 

Homeless Garden Project

We love herbs!  All five of us have a deep respect and understanding of the healing power of plants.  Combined, we have attended 75 sessions of the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium.  We have worked as herbalists, nutritionists, buyers, and in every single department of 10 different health food stores.  We have attended various herb classes, workshops, and courses, including a 6 month program at Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine.  We have taught classes about herbs to children and adults, and trained store employees on various natural products.  We all love plants and enjoy spending time in our own gardens.  Most of all, we are grateful we get to come together every day and make herbal medicine that helps people!

Plants People Planet

Customer Reviews

I work 10+ hour shifts walking/jogging non-stop as a delivery driver. I also have PCOS and that in itself causes pain in my lower back and lower abdomen. So at the end of the day my legs, back, feet and abdomen are incredibly sore. I stumbled across this miracle cream and use it every night after a hot shower. My pain has gone down considerably, and I can do activities with my children after work! Before using the handmade cream, I would be too sore to move, now I can do what I wish. I'm so grateful I bought it!   M. C-S

Be Rooted Botanicals products















Symptoms of magnesium deficiency:

• Anxiety
• Asthma
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Fibromyalgia • Headaches
• Hyperactivity • Hypertension

• Inflammation
• Insomnia
• Irritability
• Leg cramps
• Menstrual cramps • Migraines

• Muscle spasms • Nerve pain

• Neuropathy
• Pain
• Panic attacks • PMS
• Restless leg
• Sciatica
• Seizures
• Tension


Lab test

We understand the importance of knowing what goes in and on your body. That's why we source our CBD from high quality sources that we KNOW are safe from harmful contamination. Check out our lab test results so you can see for yourself.

Why magnesium? LOTS of reasons!

• Relaxes muscles
• Improves energy and mood
• Reduces depression
• Alleviates anxiety
• Prevents panic attacks
• Helps with insomnia
• Reduces inflammation
• Relieves pain from neuropathy
• Lowers risk of stroke and heart disease

• Lowers blood pressure
• Relieves headaches and migraines
• Prevents kidney and gall stones
• Improves digestion
• Treats and prevents diabetes
• Reduces PMS symptoms
• Improves bone mineral density
• Helps maintain healthy nerves
• Improves cardiovascular health

Meet the Badasses


Rarely do you see the head of a company represent its

mission as clearly as Molly does with Be Rooted.

Originally from Maryland, Molly has an incredible work

ethic in all areas of life. Whether it be raising 3 kids,

running a homeschool at her home, developing her off grid

property, or running Be Rooted. Molly is

as productive as she is generous and as honest as she is herb savvy. She worked in our local health food stores for most of her adult life. Molly has attended nearly every

Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium and

knows her plants! Molly has traveled extensively and she and her sister Kate lived in Liberia at a young age. Perhaps this explains her ever thoughtful, ever gracious

perspective. Her dedication to plant medicine is

unsurpassed, as are her high standards, not only for

herself but for her products, her staff, and her company. She also loves dancing to live music, and playing music and exploring hot springs with her husband, Rich. Molly's

passion for organic vegetarian food is definitely

evident here at Be Rooted. Good music and a GREAT

sit-down feast are enjoyed daily with all staff.

Molly always takes time to appreciate her crew of badass

women, but we know we are the lucky ones to

be supporting her and her herbal creations that truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Molly, Be Rooted Botanicals founder
Children sleeping during transdermal magnesium foot soak
CBD, Magnesium, Lab results
Mee the Badasses
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